Data Sources

This website contains data supplied under the by Companies House.

All data is as supplied by Companies House. Any errors or omissions are the responsibility of Companies House.

Data is updated approximately monthly, in line with the regular monthly publication of Companies House data. Updates on this website may lag behind official sources by a few days.


Read this before contacting this website to request removal or alteration of data

All data on this site is public data, published by Companies House. When a company is registered at Companies House, it has a legal obligation to make certain data available for public inspection. This includes the registered address of the company itself, as well as the "address for service" of all company officers (such as directors and company secretary) and the company's basic financial information. This data remains public as long as the company exists.

There are no legal restrictions on the publication of this data, which can be freely viewed on a number of platforms. is only one of many websites which publishes basic company data as a service to the public. For that reason, we cannot remove data which is both current and accurate.

The data on this site is updated automatically from that provided by Companies House, using the Companies House API. Any errors in the data, therefore are simply a reflection of any errors in the underlying data.

If you believe that the information presented here is incorrect, you should first check that Companies House holds the correct information. If the data here is the same as at Companies House, then you will need to contact Companies House to make any changes. We cannot change data here to be different to that supplied to us by Companies House.

If the data here differs from that held by Companies House, then this is usually because the changes are recent and have not yet been picked up by our automated system. If your data has changed recently at Companies House, then you don't normally need to do anything to get that updated here - it will update here on the next scheduled update. This typically happens within a month.

If your data here has been incorrect for more than 30 days, please contact us using the email address below and we will investigate why it has not updated correctly.

We do not normally take manual action to update data that is less than 30 days out of date. However, if there has previously been an error in data held at Companies House and you have arranged for that to be corrected, then please contact us and we will do our best to ensure that the corrected data is updated here as soon as possible.

Credits and Contact is a website.


Before contacting us to request changes to data published on this site, please ensure that you have checked the data published at . We cannot make changes to the data supplied to us by Companies House.

You can contact the administrator of this website by email at 'admin{at}' (making the obvious substitution to turn that into a valid email address).

Geeky Stuff

For those who care abut such things, this site is built on an open source platform using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. The visual design is based on the framework.

All public sector data is licensed under the is a website.

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